W Cosmetic Staff Holiday Guide

Written by bracketmedia
On November 07, 2017

The holidays are upon us, and while it’s the most wonderful time of the year, it’s also one of the busiest! That’s why we asked our staff to share their favorite products and procedures to help you look and feel your best this season:

Debbie: Glow and Illuminating Pads
The holidays are so hectic, and having a solid skincare plan can be a lifesaver when you’re running out shopping, hosting and meeting up with friends and colleagues. I recommend this simple routine:

  • Elta MD Sunscreen: Every morning to protect the skin throughout the day
  • W Glow and Illuminating Pads: Alternate every other morning
  • Tretinion (RetinA) and Vitamin C Serum: Alternate every other night

I recently added the W Glow into my morning routine and have to admit it has become a new favorite. The Illuminating Pads are my old standby; if I were stranded on a desert island, they are the one product that I would have to have with me.

This package typically sells for $340, but as a special holiday gift it is currently on offer for $265! Oh, did I mention that these last for about 6 months? What more could you really ask for.

Gina: RevitaLash and RevitaBrow
It’s hard not to notice that the biggest craze right now with women is their eyelashes and eyebrows. Women will easily spend hundreds of dollars on makeup, fake lashes and products to enhance these features. The illusion of longer lashes and fuller eyebrows is taking the beauty world by storm. One of my favorite products that we are carrying right now is RevitaLash.

My eyes are very sensitive so it can be hard to find makeup and other products to use. All you have to do is apply the product right above your upper lashes once a day with a wand. The only factor you have to worry about is that all oil products are off of your eyes before applying. Typically you will start to see results of longer lashes within a few weeks. In the past, I have tried other similar products but noticed some discoloration where the product was applied.

During the holiday season, we are going to be running a special with RevitaLash and RevitaBrow. The RevitaBrow is a product that will help to grow eyebrows. This is a great gift idea for any women in your life! The lash box includes RevitaLash, eye liner, mascara and primer. And the brow box includes RevitaBrow, brow gel and tweezers.

Stephanie: Botox
My favorite product any time of year is Botox, and there’s nothing better for getting you ready for holiday parties. Though it varies by person, results are usually seen after 5-7 days. I’ve been getting Botox for many years and love the way it raises my brows, softens my crow’s feet and smooths my forehead. So treat yourself this holiday season- you won’t be disappointed!

Tara: BBL
Anyone that knows me knows that I have Rosacea, which causes my cheeks to turn red from time to time. I want to look my best all holiday season, so I turn to BBL treatments with Gina. Not only can the red spots on my face be treated, but also sunspots on other parts of my body, such as my hands. The BBL treatments are a quick procedure and I see results almost right away. This is a great way to heal your skin from summer damage and to look your very best!

Shannon: Dermaplaning
Looking in the mirror I always noticed little peach fuzz in certain spots of my face, but never knew what could be done to get rid of it. After just one treatment of dermaplaning I knew this is exactly what my face needed. On a weekly basis I use a mask to have a deep clean, but never really felt that it has been doing as good of a job as it could. After getting treated it felt like there was dead weight, for lack of a better word, lifted off my face. Once the dead skin is exfoliated the smooth, clean feeling lasted for weeks afterwards, which is the selling point for this treatment for sure! If you’re looking to treat yourself to a special gift this season, give dermaplaning a try, you will not be disappointed! We hope you have a happy, healthy holiday with plenty of friends and family!

If you’re looking to treat yourself to one of the above or just want to learn more about our products and procedures, please give us a call: 484-534-3859.

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