Microneedling Before and After Photos

Minimizing the lines around the mouth with aggressive microneedling on a 50 year-old woman.

Microneedling with Growth Factors, 64 year old, 4 treatments

A 44 year-old woman had a raised scar, located in the middle of her forehead, resulting from a fall.

76-year-old woman who had a deep microneedling treatment around mouth.

62 year-old woman had 6 microneedling treatments. Lines around mouth and chin are less. Skin tone and texture improved.

52-year-old woman who had laser resurfacing around mouth and deep microneedling.

51 year-old woman had microneedling on entire face. Lines above lip and around chin are improved. Tone and texture improved.

48 year-old woman who had 5 treatments of Dermapen to full face, including aggressive treatment to treat under eye wrinkles and crepiness.

42 year-old woman had 3 microneedling and 4 IPL treatments. Acne scars diminished and less redness.

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