Facial Injections

At W Cosmetic Surgery, located within minutes of Philadelphia, Dr. Allan Wulc is known around the world for his expertise in cosmetic procedures, including injectables.

Dr. Wulc and his staff utilize unique injection techniques that were pioneered and perfected by him. He was one of the initial FDA investigators for botulinum toxin (now Botox®) and was one of the first to describe and then publish on the technique of the injection of botulinum toxin for facial lines. He has published seven articles and chapters with colleagues on techniques of injection and lectured on his techniques. His technique is employed by fewer than 1% of aesthetic practitioners. In conjunction with other investigators, he has published on Botox usage for treatment of jowls and perioral lines as well as for its use to produce a brow lift. Dr. Wulc has taught these methods to other physicians and injectors. Small doses (much smaller doses than those used by other providers) are placed in multiple locations to selectively elevate certain facial muscles, lessen wrinkles and lift areas that are sagging. Most recently, a paper was written by Dr. Kenneth Steinsapir describing a novel approach to Botox injection. Dr. Wulc has the honor of being involved and being a coauthor in that study.

Dr. Wulc has perfected the precise use of fillers to retouch the face, which he attributes to a combination of his study of surgical anatomy, artist’s anatomy, and extensive analysis of aesthetic anatomy – what’s beautiful and appealing is a constant subject of his curiosity.


A little Botox® and Hyaluronic acid filler transforms, awakens, and makes you portrait ready!

Fillers allow the injector to bring out the underlying beauty of someone’s features while hiding the flaws. The results can be dramatic. And immediate. The “wow!” that many patients experience after facial filler injections makes this one of the most gratifying areas of his aesthetic practice.

To learn more about facial injectable aesthetic treatments and if they are the right treatment option for you, contact Dr. Wulc’s office to set up an in-depth consultation today. Serving customers from Plymouth, Philadelphia, Main Line, PA and surrounding areas.


Botox®, Dysport® and Xeomin® are all injectables called neurotoxins. They are placed under the skin. They work as wrinkle removers by selectively weakening squeezing muscles, allowing the skin to relax and regain its former, wrinkle-free state.

Fillers are one of the greatest and most dramatic in-office procedures we offer. Dr. Allan Wulc is particularly skilled in facial filler techniques and has corrected bad filler injections from other providers on a routine basis. This is an effective solution for patients looking for a fuller, wrinkle-free face.



Hyaluronic Acid Fillers

Biostimulants (Sculptra treatments)


Tear Trough Treatment

Filler Correction


48 year-old woman before and after facelift with fat transfer to tear trough, jawline, and cheeks.


62-year-old woman with loss of vermilion border, before and after treatment with one syringe of Restylane.

Tear Trough Treatment

49-year-old before and after Restylane to tear trough.

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