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Botox® is the most popular cosmetic procedure in the United States to prevent and treat fine lines, wrinkles, and other signs of aging. Patients have trusted Dr. Allan Wulc in his 20+ years of experience with Botox® and other anti-aging injectables. See results from satisfied, younger-looking patients:

77 year old woman who had Botox® administered her crows feet, glabella and bunny lines. Also, RHA Redensity in fine lines throughout the eye brows and lips.

Before and after of 63 year old woman who had Botox® administered to her full face.

33 year old woman who had her full face treated with Xeomin® (an alternative to Botox®)


30 year old woman who had her full face treated with Botox®

30 year old woman who had her forehead, glabella, crow's feet and under eyes treated with Botox®

Photos of 32 year old Before and After Botox®

A 54-year-old woman who had Botox® administered to forehead, glabella, crow’s feet, chin, jowls and neck. Note: overall improvement in all these areas, including the wrinkles in the neck and chin.

72 year-old woman had Dysport® to correct irregularities in the neck. (Dysport® neck lift).

65 year-old woman had Botox® to improve crows’ feet and wrinkles in the glabella.

64 year-old woman shown before and after Botox® brow elevation using microdroplet technique. Botox® was also used to diminish marionette lines, chin dimples, and to improve neck sagging.

56 year-old woman had Dysport® between the eyes to improve the "11’s" (the wrinkles in the glabella).

50 year-old woman had Botox® in forehead, crow’s feet, neck, and jawline + Restylane® to the lip

50 year old woman who had nanodroplet Botox® injections to the forehead to change and elevate the brows to make them appear more elegant, and the jowl region to improve the marionette area.

45 year-old woman had Botox® to the crow's feet and glabella to lessen the appearance of fine wrinkles when smiling. Botox was also used to thin the jawline and to elevate the outer corners of the brows.

44 year old woman had nanodroplet Botox® to elevate the brows, lessen the wrinkles between the eyebrows and to diminish crow’s feet. Improvement in the eye region and improvement in the depth of the eyelid crease.

42 year-old pre and post Botox® to glabella (11's between eyes) and crow's feet and filler to lips.

42 year-old after nanodroplet Botox® injection to elevate the brows. One syringe of Restylane® was also administered to the cheeks, under-eye region (tear trough) and the lips. Lips look natural and the brows are elevated.

34 year old pre and post Botox for forehead wrinkles

55-year-old before and after Botox injections to the mid forehead, brows and crow’s feet. Note more relaxed appearance

FAQs About Botox

How Long Does Botox Last?

Botox® freezes the facial muscles for about 2.5 months. The effect on wrinkles depends on the age of the patient, lasting only 3 months or so in the particularly expressive and over-40 crowd.

It could potentially last longer in those that are either younger or have been getting injected for a longer period of time. In general, patients with sagging necks require Botox every 3-4 months.

What Age Should You Get Botox?

While Botox is approved for patients who are 18 years and older, it is recommended to begin Botox treatments in your mid-to late-20s and 30s as either a preventative or reparative measure for youthful-looking skin.

What Other Procedures Go Well With Botox?

Other minimally invasive procedures that complement Botox are microneedling and dermal fillers for a rejuvenated texture and appearance. 

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