UltraClear™ Laser

UltraClear™ Laser

UltraClear™ is one of the most innovative lasers to come on the market since lasers were first employed for skin resurfacing more than 20 years ago.

What is UltraClear™?

UltraClear™ is the world’s first cold fiber laser. Unlike UltraClear™, most other lasers deliver massive amounts of heat to the skin, causing prolonged redness or pigment abnormalities. UltraClear™ allows the skin to heal much more rapidly than is seen with other lasers. 

The lack of heat from this laser makes treatments painless and speeds the healing process while still allowing skin remodeling and profound rejuvenation. It is a universal skin solution that can be used to treat all skin types. It is a fractional laser, meaning the entire skin surface does not require treatment in order to produce benefits.

How does the UltraClear™ Laser work?

In our hands, the UltraClear™ laser remodels skin wrinkles, areas of sun damage, scars, and aids in clarifying and perfecting the appearance of the skin.

This versatile laser usually does not require much numbing or pain relief.  Treatments are relatively painless, but we can use topical treatments or injections to lessen any discomfort if you experience it or if we need to treat more aggressively.

What is the downtime like after an UltraClear™ Laser treatment?

The downtime for these treatments, even the deep treatments, is usually limited to 4 days. After that, makeup and concealers can be worn while your skin heals. Improvement is seen in the next three months. We recommend three treatments spaced out about by approximately 2 months, but the results of even one treatment can be dramatic.

This is a true customized laser treatment that can be individualized based on your skin care concerns.

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FAQs About UltraClear™

What can the UltraClear™ laser treat?

The UltraClear™ laser helps refine and repair and rejuvenate the skin and makes your skin skin appear younger. It builds collagen, diminishes discolorations, reduces wrinkles, shrinks pores, and treats scars, whether they are caused by acne, trauma, or surgery. We are also using it to obtain very limited amounts or skin tightening and lifting.

How is it done?

Based on the depth of our planned treatment, we will use cold air, a topical numbing agent, or a series of injections delivered relatively painlessly after we’ve used the numbing agent. With your eyes protected, a series of pulses are applied to the skin.

What is recovery like?

The general downtime– even in the most aggressive procedures that we perform—is four days. You leave the office and your skin feels warm and looks pink with the impressions of the laser on the skin surface. We encourage you to use cool compresses and to leave the skin untreated over the first night. Crusting and swelling are not unusual, particularly if we have aggressively treated skin changes related to aging or acne. After the first night, we recommend the use of topical lubricants such as Aquaphor or WCosmetic Reconstructive Crème. Any discomfort is easily managed with nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory agents. The transformation over 4 days is astounding and generally by day 4 or 5, you can go back to work and socializing.

What other specific instructions are necessary?

We like you to avoid the sun, wear sunscreen and continue to moisturize. We encourage you to be in touch with us after the procedure to verify that we are all thrilled with your results.

How long till I see the benefits?

The changes in your skin appear immediately, but many of the benefits develop in the months following your treatment.

Is this one and done?

We generally recommend 3 treatments spaced about by 6 weeks to two months, but improvement is noted even after a single treatment.

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