The Secret to Perfect Skin is in the Peel

Written by bracketmedia
On September 12, 2017

We sat down with MaryAnn, a patient at W Cosmetic Surgery, to learn her secret to perfect skin. Hint: It involves facial peels!

I first visited W Cosmetic Surgery over 15 years ago and I return again and again because of how incredible my skin looks and feels.

I’ve always taken great care of my skin and part of this commitment to continue includes opting for regular facial peels.

The difference it makes is incredible. I can immediately tell when I am nearing my next appointment. By the eight-week mark, I can see and feel a difference in the texture and appearance of my facial skin and know I need to get to W Cosmetic Surgery as soon as possible.

What really keeps me coming back to the practice is the staff.

Particularly Gina. She knows everything there is to know about skin and skincare. She took the time to get to know my skin and is able to address any issue I have. I am so comfortable with her suggestions that I usually ask for her recommendations and go from there.

Friends of mine will get peels elsewhere and tell me that it didn’t work and that they’re not seeing results. I always tell them to find a cosmetic surgeon’s office for your peels, not just a spa. It’s your skin. It’s your face. There’s no feature more important, so give it the time, attention and expertise it deserves. I will only go to Dr. Wulc’s office.

I always have people come up and comment on how good my skin looks.

They ask me what work I’ve had done, and are shocked when I say I’ve never had any surgical work done. I’ve tried microneedling and BBL at W Cosmetic Surgery, both of which I would recommend. I also believe in the importance of quality products when it comes to your skin, and finding the right products. I use Dr. Wulc’s products and rely on Gina’s recommendations to help my skin look its very best.

Taking care of your skin makes you look and feel wonderful. The earlier you start, the better. I didn’t start peels until I was in my 40s, but if I could go back I think I would probably start in my 30s. I love the experience I have at W Cosmetic Surgery and am very happy with the results!

Want to learn more about peels and find out which peel may be right for you? Contact W Cosmetic Surgery to schedule a consultation, today.

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