MyEllevate Procedure with Renuvion Skin Tightening

Written by bracketmedia
On July 05, 2022

The holy grail of keeping your face looking young — would be of course a way of just staying young — a pill or a treatment that just kept things tight and full and in position so that nothing would stretch or sag and everything would remain unchanged. We don’t have that, but maybe at some point we will. Right now, we have the Myellevate procedure.

One thing that you realize after practicing plastic and cosmetic surgery for even a brief time, but especially after thirty years, is that no one wants a facelift. They come to that procedure because they can’t stand the way they look. Things are drooping, they look like their parents or grandparents.

Facelifts are the gold standard but what about alternatives like a MyEllevate procedure? This might be the better option for some.

They get to the point that they are willing to accept the scars and the downtime and the expense and the longish recuperation (at least 3 weeks, though people go out in 7-10 days, and full healing – lumps bumps and incisions — only settle at 3-6 months).

Nowadays, there are so many options that are advertised and promoted. Most patients have tried something else. Usually they’ve tried at least one, but up to four alternatives. And they’ve been disappointed — at least the patients we see — maybe others are happy? Or have just settled?

MyEllevate Procedure Close Up of a Woman with Her Hands on Her Face

Injections, ultrasonic treatments, freezing therapies, electrical therapy, thread lifts. All of these do work, to a limited extent, or for a very short time.  However, most patients are frustrated and disappointed by the inability to convincingly regain a jawline and the neck they had in youth.

The facelift is the gold standard. With the procedure, the skin is removed, the muscles of the neck are repositioned, and areas of unwanted fullness removed, and areas of hollowing filled with liposculpture — the addition of microdroplet fat grafts taken from other areas of the body.

So, reluctantly, a decision is made — have a facelift and get on with it. Find a good surgeon and plonk down the money. But what about the MyEllevate procedure?

MyEllevate Procedure Woman Standing Outside Looking Upward with Her Eyes Closed

Facelift Alternatives

An alternative to the facelift now exists — one we are thrilled to offer in our office — a revolutionary in-office procedure that harnesses two new emerging and exciting technologies to produce astonishing and natural results.

Renuvion uses plasma energy — the fourth state of matter — to produce contraction of the skin and the network of sagging ligaments that elongate as we age. It is a selective treatment that is inserted under the skin using three incisions less than a ¼ inch in size that also targets fat, shrinking it as the energy is applied and creating changes in the tissue that continue to produce improvement over 36 months. After the treatment, the skin is not as lax — it is tighter.

Myellevate Procedure

MyEllevate is an ingenious suspension system that lifts the neck using nine 1 mm perforations in the skin. The procedure on its own takes less than thirty minutes and does a fine job but must be done in specific circumstances with either liposuction or skin removal, or if skin is treated with energy.

Utilizing the energy of Renuvion, skin removal is not necessary in many patients. That’s the beauty of a MyEllevate procedure.

Downtime in our fast-paced world is no longer measured in months or even weeks. The wonderful thing is all the new treatments we have to help with quick healing; from (PRP) to nutritional supplements to growth factors to healing lasers and lights.

MyEllevate Procedure Woman Holding Her Head in a Vogue Pose

By combining these technologies — and adding micro liposuction and our modified expedited healing protocol, the results are greater than the sum of the parts.

The downtime for this procedure is less than a week, and results are similar to the result you get with the gold standard, the facelift. But without the downtime.

I am extremely excited by the potential of these synergistic procedures and would be happy to talk to you about them as a powerful alternative to any of the afraid-of-facelift alternatives that are currently out there. It may one day be my preferred procedure for the treatment of the lower face in the appropriately selected patient. MyEllevate Procedure.

Facelifts are the gold standard but what about alternatives like a MyEllevate procedure? This might be the better option for some.
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