How Visible Are Scars After a Facelift?

Written by Dr. Allan Wulc
On May 30, 2024

When considering a facelift, one of the common concerns among patients is the visibility of scars post-surgery. Let’s dive deeper into what you can expect when it comes to scarring after a facelift and how it may affect your overall appearance.

Will there be noticeable scars after a facelift?

Under most circumstances, scars resulting from a facelift are well concealed. The incisions typically run around and behind the ear, strategically placed to minimize visibility. In many cases, incisions are made within the hairline or behind the ear tragal cartilage, so that hair grows through them and conceals them. Most of the time, the sites of the incisions blend seamlessly with the natural contours of the face.

Rarely, incisions as they heal can become red and thick. Fortunately, incisional scars of this type can be treated with lasers and/or injections to gain improvement as the scars mature.

Where are the most common places to see scars after a facelift?

The most common areas where scars may be visible after a facelift are around and behind the ears, as well as under the chin. Generally incision sites are chosen to ensure that scars are hidden within natural folds and contours, minimizing their visibility.

Can people without hair hide facelift scars?

Even individuals without a full head of hair can benefit from a facelift with minimal scarring. Surgeons make concessions for bald patients, adjusting the placement of incisions to ensure they remain discreet. Despite the lack of hair coverage, skilled surgeons can still achieve excellent results with well-hidden scars.

If there is scarring, how can the facelift scars be improved/remediated?

While facelift scars are typically well concealed, there may be instances where scarring is more noticeable. In rare cases, scars may appear red or thick, requiring additional treatment.

Fortunately, treatments such as microneedling with or without regenerative therapies, laser therapy, and/or injections can help reduce the visibility of scars, promoting smoother, more natural-looking skin post-surgery.

Which kinds of facelifts leave the least amount of scarring?

When it comes to minimizing scarring, not all facelift techniques are created equal. Dr. Allan Wulc offers an innovative approach known as the invisible facelift, designed to achieve remarkable results with minimal scarring.

Dr. Wulc creates incisions that are concealed above hair-bearing areas on the scalp rather than placing them where they might be apparent. When incisions are made at the hairline, hair growth generally occurs through the scars—also concealing them.

By strategically placing incisions within natural skin creases, Dr. Wulc can rejuvenate your appearance while preserving the integrity of your skin. With his meticulous preoperative planning and years of experience, you can expect scars to be well concealed and barely noticeable, allowing you to enjoy the transformative results of a facelift with confidence.

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