“Holloween”: Trick and Treat

Written by bracketmedia
On October 28, 2015

Halloween…a great name for a holiday. Unfortunately, it often celebrates the zombie look—hollow faces, hollow under eyes—“Holloween!”

Photo credit: falseeyelashessite.com

Perhaps this beautiful woman made to look like a zombie is a bit of an exaggeration…but you get my point.

We see hollow under eyes in the practice all the time. In both men and women with sunken eyes, aging doesn’t usually produce bags under the eyes. Instead, they are seen more frequently in people with prominent eyes.

As gravity starts to exert its effects in the mid-40s, the cheeks “settle” exposing this hollowness and creates large, dark circles under the eyes.

Often, in an attempt to rejuvenate this area, a plastic surgeon may perform a routine lower blepharoplasty to produce improvement. But—in my opinion, it makes the situation worse, creating more hollowness and more dark shadows. Hiding the sunken eye even farther.

So, for patients with “holloween” eyes, the trick at W Cosmetic Surgery is to use something to fill in the hollows and to bring the eyelid forward to better reflect overhead light and make things less hollow.

We treat in two different ways: we can use fat (usually long lasting—done in the operating room), or treat right in our office, with a variety of synthetic fillers. The results themselves, often instantaneous, are dramatic and scarily beautiful.

Read more about how we use fat and fillers to sculpt the face.

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