Fill ‘er up, Buttercup!

Written by bracketmedia
On July 08, 2013
Fill 'er up, Buttercu

Patients ask me about the different fillers all the time…which ones I use and which ones I like for use in certain areas. Well, I liken them to cake, because anyone that knows me knows I have a sweet tooth and l like them all for different reasons. That DOES NOT mean anyone should bring me anything to eat!


Let’s start with my favorite, Radiesse. I look at it as the cake, it’s the foundation. I love it because it’s a great bang for your buck. Radiesse is the only immediate volumizing filler that stimulates your body’s own collagen. It is calcium hydroxyapatite in a gel carrier. It’s great to fill deeper areas or build sunken in areas. Restylane and Juvederm can be layered on top of Radiesse if needed. The only downside is that there is no reversing Radiesse. If you don’t like it, we can’t remove it. Make sure you’re in our experienced hands!


Now to the popular, Restylane, a product we use a great deal of because of its versatility. It’s the “frosting” used to do the trim of that great cake. It’s great for lining your lips to get rid of the wrinkles that make your lipstick bleed. Dr. Wulc loves it for filling under the eyes because it’s a purer form of hyaluronic acid with few preservatives.  Restylane is great for “turning up” the corners of the mouth. If you don’t love the results, Restylane can be dissolved.


Juvaderm,another hyaluronic filler, comes in different thicknesses. Our staff will determine which will work best for you. Juvaderm is lighter but not light enough to draw the line we can with Restylane. Allergan, the makers of Juvederm, is also planning to launch a new product soon called Voluma. We’ll keep you posted. It promises to be great for those who need more volume in their face. Juvederm is my favorite for volumizing the lips, and is the celebrity “favorite” fix for thin lips.


The most recent introduction into the US filler market, Belotero is the thinnest of the hyaluronic acids. It is wonderful for the finest of fine lines and can be injected right at the surface superficially. It’s also a terrific product for under the eyes and for those famous ”11’s” between your brows. Using our cake talk, this is for writing the birthday, anniversary or retirement messages at the very top of top of the cake.

The most important factor is choosing the right person to inject these products and their comfort level with each of them! You can see the before and after photos of some of our real patients, and judge for yourself. We’d be happy to come up with the perfect way to decorate your cake!!

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