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Written by bracketmedia
On July 30, 2021

Deciding on a plastic surgeon is no easy task. Every patient should do their full research to find the best cosmetic surgery near them. One way to research Dr. Allan Wulc is to take a look at the reviews provided by actual clients. Ann Miller is one of many patients who came in for a face lift and left a Dr. Allan Wulc face lift review.

It is important to look at face lift review for any surgeon that you consider, Dr. Wulc’s patients are ready to share their experiences. Ann Miller is one of those patients who had a face lift with Dr. Wulc. Her face lift review gives a touch of insight into what you can expect.

“The staff is wonderful. I definitely recommend Dr. Wulc and his staff. Dr. Wulc is the most caring Dr. I have ever met. He has a very gentle touch and takes excellent care of his patients. I had a full face lift upper and lower, had my fat put in my cheeks.

Dr. Allan Wulc Face Lift Review Woman Lightly Toucjing Her Face Laying Down in a Pink Dress

Also had my upper eyelids done, and oh yes, he put a chin implant in. I listened to him and had done what he suggested. Well, let me tell you, I have had so many compliments. One person said, “Ann went straight to supermodel.”

I get double takes from people I haven’t seen because of Covid. I am so happy with my surgery.”

-Ann Miller

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