Do I Need a Brow Lift

Written by bracketmedia
On October 27, 2014

Are you frustrated with sagging skin in your forehead? Deep frown lines or creases have you down?

We have many patients that come in and say that they have extra skin hanging on their eyelids and it is becoming worse. Sometimes, it might not only be drooping of the upper eyelids, but drooping of the brows, as well. If so, a brow lift might be for you.

When you come in for a consultation at W Cosmetic Surgery, we will determine if an upper lid blepharoplasty (upper lid surgery, a browlift, or a combination of both is needed for the most natural result. We will evaluate your entire forehead region, including your upper eyelids, paying attention to the muscles. We also look at photos of you at a younger age to determine if or how much the brow has changed position over the years.

During consultations, we compare the upper eyelids to a curtain and the brow to the rod from which it hangs. Therefore, the brow position will affect the eyelid and vice-versa.

If a brow lift is best, we’ll talk to you more about the Endoscopic Browlift technique Dr. Wulc uses. The browlift is performed using a small telescope (endoscope) through five hidden incisions in the hairline. The brows are then elevated to the correct level and then the upper lids will be sculpted by removing extra skin and fat.  And rest assured, we do not cut the hair in the incision sights nor will the browlift change your hair line.

Our patient Jan agreed to share her success story in this video. If you have any questions about brow lifts, please feel free to contact us!

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