Debbies Top 4 Picks for Great Skin

Written by bracketmedia
On June 29, 2016

I get compliments on my skin all the time, but the state of my skin didn’t just happen by chance. In my twenty years as a nurse in the skin care field, I have been associated with a top New York City dermatologist and had the chance to profit from the knowledge gained in other medical and dermatology practices. This knowledge has been applied to several customized skin care lines that we are proud to offer now at W Cosmetic Surgery.

I like to keep my skin care simple. I have four “go to” items that I cannot be without. First, you need to know creating good skin takes patience. You only need to add one product at a time.

Here are my Top 4 Picks:

Our Enlighten Pads are my FAVORITE product in the world. If I was ever stuck on an island, it’s the one thing I would bring. Each pad is like a “mini peel in a jar.” I use the pads twice a week and it gives my face a nice healthy glow and helps build collagen (since that’s what it’s about at my age…keep it growing and glowing)!

Next I use Retin-A (.0125 strength). It’s a strength you can only get in our office in our new custom- formulated prescriptive line. I used to use a weaker retinol, but you don’t get the same effect as with real Retin-A. Personally, I wanted to kick it up a notch without the side effects of a stronger, prescription strength Retin-A, until my skin can tolerate more. Our new customized version is an excellent middle ground. Retin-A is the most studied skin care product on the market. It really works. My patients that used it when it first came out have magnificent skin with very few wrinkles and sun damage twenty years later. That alone made me start using it. I apply a pea-sized dab every other night to my face, sometimes applying moisturizer if, and where, I need it.

On the opposite night that I am not using Retin-A, I use our Vitamin C serum. This is especially great for reversing sun damage. I use it at night because Vitamin C is a very unstable product and I want to stay out of the sun after applying it.

Last, but never least, is a good sunscreen. What is the sense in using quality skin care products and not protecting your asset? I LOVE the ELTA MD line (shout out to our sales rep. Leslie!). They have a sunscreen for everyone that I have used personally and recommended to my patients in all the practices I have been for years. I especially love their UV sport, a sweat proof version, when I’m running around with my boys (who are also ALWAYS coated with it). Using it liberally and reapplying regularly is the key when you’re running around, too.

There you have it, my Top 4 products for sensational skin. It’s easy and simple–SO me! With time, I truly believe they can work for 99-percent of you, too.

AND yes, of course, you can purchase all of the products I mentioned at our office anytime. Stop in and see us (and look for special pricing on all of these products)!

Gina will be blogging about her Top Picks next month. Stay tuned!

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