3 Natural Remedies for Dark Circles Under Your Eyes to Try at Home

Written by bracketmedia
On July 05, 2022

Dark circles are the enemy of many. People don’t enjoy seeing the difference in tones around their eyes compared to the rest of their faces. There may not be a need to turn to cosmetic surgery. There are some natural under eye remedies you can try at home first to brighten things up.

What are the dark circles under the eye?

Dark circles under the eyes at home remedies can help you regain confidence without getting under the knife. We can easily describe these dark circles as darkened areas under the eyes. They are areas of the skin directly under the eyes that appear darker, at the very least.

But what are they medically? Two things could give us dark circles under the eyes, thinning skin or puffy eyes. Thinning skin makes blood vessels appear more visible to the naked eye. Those visible blood vessels darken the skin; think about filling a bucket with water.

The bucket seems darker from the outside, where it is filled with water; the same idea. Puffy eyes or inflammation around the eyes can also create dark shadows around the eyes. Those shadows will appear as dark circles. 

.Dark circles under the eyes at home remedies can help you regain confidence without getting under the knife.

What causes dark circles under your eyes?

We can blame aging for plenty of things that happen with our bodies. Dark circles under the eyes can be added to that list. However, aging isn’t the only cause we find for dark circles. People will find that the list of common causes of bags under the eyes is quite long.

Drinking alcohol excessively can cause dark circles and allergies, genetics, lack of sleep, amenia, or even an iron deficiency. These aren’t all the causes, but they are the most common. People often turn to cosmetic surgery for this problem.

However, the causes show us that cosmetic surgery may be too extreme a solution. Instead, we can turn to home remedies for dark circles under the eyes.

Dark Circles Under the Eyes at Home Remedies Woman with a Crown of Flowers and her Eyes Closed Face Tilted Toward the Sky

3 Natural Under Eye Remedies to Experiment With

We understand that thinking about a cosmetic procedure to resolve your dark circle problems can be overwhelming. So, in the meantime we’ve compiled a list of a few different natural remedies you can experiment with at home to minimize the appearance of your dark circles. Check out our tips below!

Dark Circles Under the Eyes at Home Remedies woman Wearing a Sweater Holding the Neck Line Up to Cover Half of Her Face

1. Sleep

Sleep is a vital part of living a healthy lifestyle. Sleeping allows our bodies to recharge for the next day. We may not notice the things sleep does for us by simply looking in the mirror. However, you can absolutely see the effects a lack of sleep has on your body.

One of those effects is dark circles under the eyes. You may find it interesting that the lack of sleep doesn’t cause the dark circles themselves. Instead, it makes the skin on the rest of your face appear paler. That paleness makes the dark circles appear even darker.

The remedy here is to get eight hours of sleep nightly. You can also elevate your head while you sleep to prevent fluid pooling in your eyelids and lessen puffiness.

Dark Circles Under the Eyes at Home Remedies Woman Holding a Piece of Fabric Up in Front of the Lower Half of Her Face

2. Cold Compress

One of the most accessible dark circles under the eyes at home remedies is to use a cold compress. Dilated blood vessels can be easier to see through thinning, skin but coldness will constrict the blood vessels. That means they won’t be as visible through the skin. You can do this regularly if you have dark circles often.

But you should try to use a cold compress only when necessary. For example, maybe you had a late night before a day filled with activities. Use a cold compress after showering or just before applying makeup. Another option is to put cold cucumber slices on your eyes. 

Dark Circles Under the Eyes at Home Remedies Extreme Close Up of a Woman's Eye

3. Vitamin E and Almond Oils

Another one of the dark circles under the eyes at home remedies is to use an oil mixture as a moisturizer. Mix equal parts almond oil and vitamin E oil and gently apply to the skin under your eyes before going to bed. Of course, you will want to make sure you are not allergic to either of these oils before using them.

Wash the oil off with cold water in the morning and go about your day. This can be done nightly until the dark circles are completely gone. You can also try using a mixture of vitamin K and caffeine on a cotton pad placed under the eye. This should not be done at night before bed.

Dark circles under the eyes at home remedies can help you regain confidence without getting under the knife.

Where can I learn more about cosmetic procedures for my dark circles?

These at home remedies for dark circles should make a difference in natural and safe ways. But there are cosmetic surgery options that could help if all else fails. Blepharoplasty, fillers, chemical peels, and laser therapy are all options. But patients should absolutely attempt these at home remedies prior to contacting a cosmetic surgeon for help with the issue.

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