Chin Up! You May Be Able to Skip a Facelift (or at Least Postpone it)

Written by bracketmedia
On April 01, 2016

Are you bothered by a double chin? There are lotions, potions and, of course, surgical solutions. For years, a facelift was the best approach to improve the area. But these days, no one can accept any downtime, whether it is due to work or family responsibilities (usually both).

Surgeons and aesthetic specialists everywhere are searching for a magic wand that can improve the neck without a facelift. A few alternative options now exist, some that are very exciting. None of them is a magic wand.


The first is liposuction of the neck. This procedure has been around for more than 30 years, but the cannulas have gotten smaller so that fat removal can be more precise. It can be performed in our office. Local anesthesia is administered, and after waiting a suitable period of time, the fat is removed (and sometimes the skin contracts). Down time is about a week.


The second is ThermiTight®. We’ve offered this procedure for two years, making us an early adopter and one of the most experienced providers in the country. Thermi is also done in the office and patient selection is key. It involves numbing the skin and inserting a radio frequency wand under the skin to heat the fat and getting the adjacent tissues to tighten using heat induced tissue shrinkage. Downtime is usually less than a week and the neck, while initially swollen, improves and continues to improve for months.

We have had impressive results in many cases, and in general, patient satisfaction is high. We are enthusiastic about this technique, especially in patients who actually really would benefit from a facelift, but are unwilling to undergo this neck defining procedure!

Learn more about ThermiRF®.


The third is Kybella™. This procedure is new and is also an in-office procedure we’re now offering at W Cosmetic Surgery. It needs to be repeated a few times (sometimes up to six times) in order to be maximally effective. The neck is numbed and a series of injections are administered under the skin into the fat to attempt to dissolve it.

Immediately following the procedure, and for about two to three days, the neck swells, so downtime is about a weekend (and up to six if treatments are done more than once!). In carefully selected patients, this is a very interesting procedure, though it requires patience.

Learn more about Kybella™.

Cool Sculpting

The fourth is Cool Sculpting. Results of freezing the chin are reported on the company website using a brand new handpiece. We have not yet been impressed with this technology, but remain excited by its possibilities.

Which Procedure Works Best to Eliminate Your Double Chin?

As always, it’s important that before jumping on a new technologic bandwagon, that you understand the risks, benefits, and alternatives. We’re happy to answer questions about all of the double chin options we now offer at W Cosmetic Surgery.

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