BBL Research, Results & Youthful Skin

Written by bracketmedia
On September 08, 2015

When I called my patient, Kelly, to check on her after her BBL treatment, her first words to me were “where has this been all my life? My skin is beautiful, my pores look smaller, and my face is brighter!” Hearing these words are why I LOVE what I do at W Skin Studio…making a difference in skin health and appearance.

We introduced broadband light (BBL) into the practice last January. Now that we’ve been using it for 9 months, we wanted to share an update.

There’s exciting research out about the device. Researchers at Stanford University found study participants that were getting regular maintenance BBL treatments. After the first series, patients showed the cells of the skin appeared at least 10 years younger when examined under a microscope! The company has also developed an acne application that we’ve just added at W Cosmetic Surgery. The acne treatment aims to kill the bad bacteria that causes those red pimples that we all hate.

So if it worked so well for Kelly and the study group, is it right for you?

Broadband Light (BBL) photo-rejuvenation therapy offers remarkable skin rejuvenation for women and men. Not only does it help fade and get rid of most brown age spots, help treat rosacea and capillaries, shrink pores and help texture, but it really can help you achieve younger looking skin! I call it my “all in one” treatment because it can get results with any skin type. I customize this treatment for your skin type and issues.

The gentle heating from the pulsed light penetrates the outer layer and stimulates the skin cells beneath the skin. It promotes collagen production, enhancing the skin’s natural beauty, blending its colors and making it smoother, vibrant and younger. Most of my patients go back to work with makeup that same day. And I can honestly say, you will see and feel the difference!

In fact, we are so excited with the results we’re seeing with BBL, we’re offering this Fall special that will allow you try it for yourself.

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