A physician undergoes the wnatural micromidfaceliftTM
and shares his experience

Dr. Ted Kline leads a healthy, active lifestyle. He eats well. He exercises. He’s never smoked. But as Ted entered his late 50s and early 60s, he became increasingly aware of his drooping eyelids. After giving serious thought to the idea of cosmetic surgery, Ted decided to consult with his longtime friend and colleague, Dr. Allan Wulc of W Cosmetic Surgery™.

One of Ted’s concerns is common from men who are considering cosmetic surgery: he didn’t want to trade visible signs of age for conspicuous signs of cosmetic surgery. He was familiar with photos of celebrities and public figures where it was apparent that they’ve had some work done. That was exactly what Ted hoped to avoid. “I wanted to look natural but refreshed,” said Ted. “That’s precisely the approach Dr. Wulc pursued, and it’s one of the reasons he is so well respected.”

Once Ted made the decision to have surgery, he met with Dr. Wulc and his nurse Debbie Tuccillo. Over several appointments they addressed his concerns and developed a plan. “ Initially, I felt a little shy about discussing it, but Dr. Wulc and his staff made it very comfortable for me to do so.”

The literal artistry of a great cosmetic surgeon is a key to making corrections that appear natural. Being a bit of a renaissance man , as well as a long-time painter and sculptor, Dr. Wulc uses techniques similar to those of a visual artist, and he blends them with his surgical skills. Like an illustrator or figure painter, Dr. Wulc studied several photographs of Ted when he was in his 20s and 30s. This provided a better understanding of Ted’s baseline anatomy, and it served as an important reference for making corrections to Ted’s eyes that appeared natural.

In addition to looking at photos of a younger Ted, Dr. Wulc took numerous photographs and made detailed measurements of Ted’s face. Most importantly, they asked him what he wanted to achieve with the surgery, as realistic expectations are crucial to a good surgical outcome.”

Throughout the entire experience–which also included face tightening and cheek filler–Dr. Wulc and his staff put the patient first, and they were easily reached when questions arose. Ted’s follow-up care included daily contact, selfie photographs to track progress, and regular office evaluations beginning two days after the surgery. Nurse Tuccillo even called on Christmas day to see how Ted was feeling.

Ted returned to work pleased with the results and confident in his natural appearance. He got exactly what he was looking for: an improved appearance that was simply and authentically him. It didn’t create the unwanted attention that might come from a more obvious change.

When people notice a difference without knowing the difference. That, according to Ted, is the highest praise a cosmetic surgeon can get.

Real Patient
Real Patient
Real Patient
Real Patient
Real Patient

On the left: To be in your 40s and constantly asked if you are tired is distressing. That’s especially true when the only visible issue is the puffs under the eyes and the dark circles beneath them.

On the right: A lower blepharoplasty–done transconjunctivally –to remove the fat—and from the outside –to remove excess skin. Liposculpture to the dark hollow using regenerative fat created with the Prism Particle Sizer. The procedure is transformative.

He now looks years younger and well-rested. This surgery can last a lifetime!

This 71-year-old patient is shown 8 months following surgery, looking decades younger and recovering fantastically.

Details of her surgery:

Our patient underwent an endoscopic brow and midfacelift with upper and lower blepharoplasty and upper lower eyelid laser resurfacing and liposculpture/bump removal using our WNatural Micromidface™ technique.

She and I both agree she looks amazing, a refreshed and relaxed version of herself.

And she will look better with time: A study by Dr. Steven Cohen and his group from the Aesthetic Surgery Journal has shown that patients that undergo liposculpture continue to show improvement for up to two years following their surgery.

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