Will Vitamins Help Your Plastic Surgery Recovery?

Written by bracketmedia
On August 27, 2020

2 Minute Read:

In this month’s (August, 2020) Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery Journal, there are evidence-based recommendations for what nutraceuticals and nutritional supplements you should take around the time of your plastic surgery. Studies have shown that not taking these may result in poor healing, and/or that taking them can speed healing. Many of these recommendations we’ve been implementing for years, but some are new.

Image showing the best vitamins to take after plastic surgery.

Here’s the bottom line:

Important Vitamins—A, C, D. D in over 2000 IU.

Important amino acids—Arginine and Glutamine—available in a nutritional formula—IMPACT made by Nestle. That product was shown in a study to reduce infection rates and lengths of stay in high risk surgery patients.

Omega 3 fatty acids—seem to speed healing, but also cause decreased platelet adherence which can lead to potential bleeding (some studies refute that, but we absolutely agree that patients on fish oil bleed more during their surgeries).

Protein—necessary to build tissue. Protein deprived patients don‘t heal well. Whey protein supplementation in a study led to less healing complications.

Zinc—necessary, as well as selenium and copper found in over the counter vitamins in small quantities.

Homeopathic remedies—Arnica, Bromelain found in pineapples, and Cucurmin found in turmeric.

These ALL speed the healing process and reduce infections BUT taken preoperatively can cause bleeding, so ask your surgeon. We use them routinely ONLY POSTOPERATIVELY.

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