To Everyone Who Hates Their Neck

Written by bracketmedia
On April 22, 2014

It was the subject of a book by Nora Ephron. “I hate my neck” is a statement that we hear in our office at least 12 times in any given week. Men and women are bothered by the sagging muscles, the loose skin, and the deposits of fat that accumulate in the neck that in their view betrays their age.

To Everyone Who Hates


In our office, the usual response is to gently suggest that improvement around the eye region is what most people actually look at when they look at you, and to focus on an area that no one looks at and to spend money fixing it won’t produce the changes in your appearance that they desire.
‘Yes, but…” Is the continual objection—“I hate it…”.

So, the discussion shifts to solutions for the sagging neck that work, which are limited. The facelift is the gold standard, and up to now, has been the only procedure that, in our view, works. We proceed to a discussion of the facelift procedure, which involves incisions (it’s basically the same incisions that are used for a lifestyle lift or an s-lift, based on the case, or less).

And then, the response is, “but I don’t want a face lift,” or “I don’t think I need a face lift. Yet.”
No one wants a face lift. And if you feel you don’t need it yet, you spring for other solutions, in other offices. And there are multiple alternative solutions.

We’ve finally found an in-between solution that is perfect for those that don’t want a face-lift, don’t need a facelift, don’t have the downtime for a facelift, but want to see definite improvements in the neck and jowl area. It’s ThermiRF®.

The procedure is performed in the office under local anesthesia. It takes slightly more than an hour to do. Six, three-millimeter incisions are used and no sutures are used. A radio frequency device is inserted beneath the skin. Fat is heated, and the skin is tightened through controlled heating of collagen. Your downtime is about an hour, and your neck improves over the next three to six months, though changes are impressive even after a week. This truly is a less aggressive procedure that caters to those with a busy lifestyle.

ThermiRF Before & After W Cosmetic Surgery

We’ve done this on patients where we were sure needed a facelift/neck lift. We were impressed—amazed at the improvements we got with this procedure alone.

If you have read this far and are ready to love your neck, you can learn more about ThermiRF® by calling our office and scheduling a consultation with us!

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