The W Difference

Written by bracketmedia
On May 11, 2018

Often, the words “natural” and “facelift” don’t coincide. But in the case of the Micromidface, the signature procedure of Allan Wulc, MD, they do. The facelift reverses the effects of aging by lifting the sagging volumes of the face rather than cutting away skin around the ears, like traditional facelifts do. This minimally invasive procedure is performed endoscopically with less than one inch incisions around the temple. Together, Dr. Wulc and his father, an inventor and engineer, developed the device that facilitates the lift, and Dr. Wulc is continuously simplifying the technique and working to speed up the healing process.

But it’s not only Dr. Wulc’s surgical methods that make his lift so unique— it’s his approach to patients. Interested in art, he studies youthful photographs of his clients prior to their surgery to analyze the differences in the lines, curves and contours of their face, and how time and age have changed them. “Surgery is like the restoration of a work of art,” he says. “You want to turn back the clock and look like a younger version of yourself, or better yet—an idealized version of yourself. That’s what we’re trying to achieve,” he explains. The key to crafting a youthful look lies in the midface—the area between the eyebrow and the bottom of the nose. “The mid face changes a lot as we age. It doesn’t deflate, it descends,” Wulc explains. “By lifting it up you can look 5 to 15 years younger. We make it happen by shifting those volumes back where they once were.” After the procedure, the practice utilizes a variety of laser and other energy based technologies to get patients back to work (and play) as fast as possible.



Before Nancy’s micromidface, she felt her appearance looked old and weary, now she feels refreshed and vibrant.

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