Subliminal Cosmetic Surgery

Written by bracketmedia
On March 24, 2014

Imagine this—you walk into a room, let’s say a party. You’re meeting old friends, mixed with new, interesting people that you’d like to make a favorable impression upon.

Do you want them to know that you’ve had cosmetic surgery?

My guess is no. You want them to believe that the forces of nature all conspired to make you this way, beautiful, ageless. And to avoid being thought of as superficial, not too concerned with the way you look. Just enough makeup to avoid looking like you have too much on.

YOU DON’T WANT TO LOOK LIKE YOU’VE EVER HAD ANYTHING DONE. And that’s the essence of good cosmetic surgery.

My goal, and your surgeon’s goal, is not to smooth every wrinkle, hollow or bag. It’s too make you look exactly like yourself. But better.

Subliminal Cosmetic Surgery

I call this subliminally invasive cosmetic surgery. Subliminal, means having an unbeknownst effect on the subconscious—and that’s what we want—you don’t want them to know you’ve had work. You want them to think you’ve been away, changed your hairstyle or just to stare at you and try to figure out why you look so beautiful.

The good news is that minimally invasive techniques exist now, as they never have before, to give you that subliminal boost in your personal confidence that makes you actually feel younger, and more content with the fact that despite the fact that you are getting older, you feel more confident and beautiful about the person you’ve become. Especially with a very small amount of help.

Just like putting on a little lip gloss and some mascara (or concealer) makes a woman feel that much better and more confident in her social interactions (with a man, the equivalent doesn’t exist—it might be adding a little hair gel, a tapered shirt that shows you’ve been working out, or, in the case of Bono, shoes with heels that elevate him), subliminally invasive cosmetic surgery adds a whole other dimension to what we can achieve to make you more beautiful.

Subliminal Cosmetic Surgery

Whether it is fillers, or neurotoxins, or radio frequency skin tightening, or an actually subliminally invasive minimally invasive procedure with a short recovery time, these small interventions make all the difference.

Subliminal Cosmetic Surgery

The changes I’ve seen in my subliminally invasive cosmetic patients who I’ve been seeing for upwards of 15 to twenty years amaze me. They are getting younger, not older, with these small, frequent interventions. I show them their pictures from before and they are as shocked as I am—they look younger than their former selves, and better. We haven’t slowed the clock, we’ve turned it back. They look younger every year.

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