Eye Makeup Ideas for Blue Eyes over 50

Written by bracketmedia
On April 15, 2021

Age is just a number and when it comes to beauty, the eyes have it. This is true especially if you are over 50. For older women, a good eye routine (both skincare and makeup) just may be the most important aspect of your regime. That is why eye makeup ideas for blue eyes over 50 are worth trying.

Great eye makeup can shift attention away from fine lines, spots, and wrinkles directly to ageless eyes. You will absolutely want to enhance your eyes’ natural color with the right palette, without makeup that comes across too harsh or heavy.

The best eye makeup ideas for blue eyes over 50 can really make a difference in the battle against aging and it is a good place to start.

If you have blue eyes you will want to gravitate toward neutrals, golds, and blue-gray tones. The makeup techniques you used in your 30’s probably aren’t going to be as effective in your 50’s, so take some time to re-master your routine. 

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Eye Makeup Ideas for Blue Eyes over 50 Close Up of Eye Makeup

Eye Makeup Ideas for Blue Eyes Over 50

As we age, the skin on your eyelids and around your eyes gets thinner and under your eyes can become puffy, droopy, and darker.Not only can new techniques help, but a good skin care routine becomes most important. Conceal and enhance with your makeup and use a good eye cream to keep your skin hydrated.

Be sure to start with a primer and choose a cream eyeshadow for a stay-put all day look.Cream shadows come in different coverages. For blue eyes, choose a natural color in browns and pinks for all day brightness and don’t forget to add a little highlighter in the corner of your eye for an uplifting effect. 

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Liner and Mascara

When it comes to liner and mascara, you will probably find that you need less makeup to really add definition to your blue eyes without weighing them down. The skin around your eyes gets looser and it becomes more difficult to create a sharp line. 

That doesn’t mean you can’t do a great cat eye. It just means you will need to soften the lines a bit with your finger or a brush. For mascara, go for a volume look rather than length and don’t forget to curl your lashes before you apply.

Blue eyes are really accentuated with a black/brown or brown mascara rather than a dark, black. Two coats are essential and skip the bottom lashes to draw attention up and to prevent the mascara from smudging under your eyes. 

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